5 Challenges That Labor Faces in Labor Accommodation(And How We Changed it)

blue-collar employee is a working class person who performs manual labor. A blue-collar employee’s work may involve construction,manufacturing,maintenance,mechanic and other kind of physical work.This physical work makes him/her exhausted,in order to recover from this physical exhaustion the blue collar employee deserves to be treated well,which means when he finishes his work and goes back to his accommodation.
He should get the rest,recovery & nutrition which he/she deserves to keep him/her productive at their workplaces.Following are the few challenges faced by blue collar employees which we have seen since the inception of our company:


Imagine coming back to accommodation after the work and you get to see the place looking and smelling bad. This is the last thing one would ever like to face especially after a tiring day.

This problem is very common in labor accommodation that are not well managed. According to many labors “This was the issues with our previous accommodation.”

According to an article published in huffington post the unhappy employees can cost your company millions.

At Servhub,we are dedicated to give your employees the highest level of the satisfaction not only for their sake but we don’t want your business to suffer any losses this is why we have a dedicated team of cleaners in each of our 13 labor accommodations located in Jebel Ali & Al Quoz.

Our cleaning team cleans the whole camp twice a day. We don’t want a few unorganized tenants create problems for the rest of the workforce living in the camps.

Our cleaning team mainly emphasise on cleaning the common areas like Kitchen and Dining Rooms or shared utilities like showers and toilets.

We also conduct the pest control across all of our labor camps periodically,so that the employees can rest well in their rooms without the risk of any infection or disease caused by the pests.

Unorganized & Under-Equipped Kitchens

Another challenge which employees face while living in the labor accommodation is the the unorganized & under equipped kitchens.The kitchen stove & pipelines should be connected properly.Some labor camps don’t have enough of the space for the employees to keep their cooking utensils and ingredients.

More than that the kitchens should have enough of space for as many as people to cook together,because if the ratio of kitchen stoves to the people living in the camp is bad then the labor have to wait for their turn long enough,which may leads to the labors sleeping late which will eventually affect their productivity.

At Servhub,we can proudly say that across all of the labor camps of ours in Jebel Ali & Al Quoz,we have a decent ratio and in case of any problem in the kitchen area,Servhub has its own team of supervisors to resolve any issue if it occurs,so your workforce is in the safe hands.

Poor Air Conditioning In Rooms

The weather gets really hot in the Middle East region during the Summers times. The temperature in Dubai during the summer season goes to 42°c on an average during the summers.

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In case of faulty air conditioning, the labours have to suffer from the consequences of poor air-conditioning,which distupt their sleep pattern which increases the chance of the labor getting themselves hurt in the workplace and the productivity of a blue collar employee in his/her workplace as well.

Sleep is a major reason behind a person’s productivity.

We won’t be lying that our camps are magically,perfect and exist in some fantasy world. Such problem arises in our camps as well but here’s what set us a part from the competition: Servhub has its team of reliable operation people and camp bosses. If any such problem exists our decidicated and reliable team makes sure that the problem gets sorted within next 2-3 hours.

Lack of Availability of Hot Water

Many of the labor camps don’t have the facilities of having the availability of hot/warm water during the winter times.

It becomes a big problem for the labors residing in these labor camps.

In most of the Servhub Camps,Most of our labor camps have solar panels for the availability of both cold and hot water so the the labor living their can use it as per their need.

No Wi-Fi Connections in the camps

The Labor here in UAE comes from different countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines etc leaving their family behind.

So the internet helps them to connect with their family members back in their respective home countries.

Many of the labor camps don’t give the facility of a Wi FI connection.

We make sure that all of our labour camps have the availability of the internet through wi-fi connections so that they can use the internet connection to talk to their family,or just use it entertainment purposes.

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