Servhub are changing the way businesses manage their workforce.

Servhub was established to assist labour-centric industries to manage their manpower resources. Our CEO was inspired to create a one-stop-shop for all elements of managing a company’s workforce, after noticing a gap in the market. This type of service was not readily available in the UAE, which is heavily reliant on blue-collar, manual labourers.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges being faced by businesses operating in the labour-centric industries, including construction, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and hospitality. We are aware of the time consuming and monotonous nature of dealing with numerous suppliers.

We help our clients to avoid:

  • Regular bus breakdowns – having to arrange emergency transport at short notice?
  • Are suppliers closing down?
  • Suppliers not showing up or arriving late?
  • Having to communicate with different suppliers for different camps across the city?
  • Unsanitary accommodation?
  • Repeated requests to fix faults in camps?
  • Unnecessary delays with inbound manpower?
  • Delayed start dates due to lack of resources?
  • Spoilt food deliveries?

Servhub provides you with multiple options for your requirements. We manage onboarding, accommodation, transport, catering and all government relations to ensure a smooth transition for your workforce. If you need to change your requirements, a single phone call to our team and we will arrange all the necessary changes on your behalf.

We consider your workforce to be a vital element of your business’s success and worthy of investment. When labourers are provided clean and comfortable living space with healthy, nutritious meals, they are proven to perform better at work. The results include increased productivity and employee retention as well as a decrease in absenteeism and illness, which results in a reduction in overall expenditure.

When we work better, they work better

Meet the Servhub Team

Saboor Ahmad

Group General Manager

Vani Mendon

Sales Director

Prashant Shetye

Operations Manager

Syed Raza Ur Rehman

Finance Manager