Meet the Winner of “1 Week of Trip To Home country”

Muhammad Amir Sohail 25 years old from Sialkot, Pakistan working in as a camp boss in Servhub, won a week paid vacation. He went on a company paid additional vacation for his excellent dedication to his work. On the monthly meeting of the camp bosses and operations team, it was announced that he won a […]

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REVEALED: Should you hire someone to manage your labour camp?

    Labor Camp management is a very logistically heavy process, It includes lots of pieces to be taken care of. This process includes the headache of keeping the track of day to day servicing costs. Managing with multiple vendors and eventually seeing your workforce unhappy.       Seeing your workforce unhappy after spending […]

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Role of Recruiting Agencies in Success of a Developer

Undertaking a construction project takes a lot of things into consideration. There are various aspects which are responsible for the success of the construction project and its long term return over investment. One of the under-stated aspects of the success of a property developer lies in how competent their workforce is. An inefficient workforce can […]

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How To Increase Productivity for Your Construction Business?

Dubai has been witnessing a lot of construction from the past 2 years because of the Expo 2020 wave. As the Exp 2020 is approaching the construction companies are required to finish their project before it takes place. At Servhub, we don’t just offer B2B solutions but we are perceived as the productivity experts by […]

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How To Look For The Right Person For Your Labor Camps

    Managing labour camps in Dubai or anywhere in UAE is not an easy task.It is a constant effort to maintain the camp, keep the cleaning taking place, maintaining the other facilities in the camp for the tenants, showing it to the potential prospects and much more.       We have curated a […]

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