How Life Has Changed of the Servhub Camp Ki Awaz Winners After 4 Months?

On July 4th the finals of the most anticipated singing competition “Servhub Camp Ki Awaz” took place.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

  • Our CEO, Mr. Saboor Ahmad decided to host a program within our camp aiming to give our blue-collar guests a break from their routine of 12 hours shift.
  • We brainstormed together and came up with the idea of giving a platform to the talented singers of our Labor Camps located in Jebel Ali & Al Quoz – Servhub Camp Ki Awaz.
  • Our team auditioned 1,600 people from all our Labor Camps.
  • 6 singers were finalized out of 1,600 who were then trained for the next few weeks with mentors.
  • Meet The 1st Prize Winner – Shahid Iqbal, a 29-year-old mechanic from Lahore, Pakistan who won Servhub Camp Ki Awaz.

Meet The 1st Prize Winner – Shahid

Shahid Iqbal, a 29-year-old mechanic from Lahore, Pakistan who won Servhub Camp Ki Awaz.

On the evening of 4th July 2019, Shahid was announced as the winner of Servhub Camp Ki Awaz and was rewarded AED 5,000/-.

How has your life changed after Servhub Camp Ki Awaz?

We reached out Shahid in order to get our answers. Here what Shahid has to say:

“After the grand finale of Servhub Camp Ki Awaz, a lot of changes have taken place in my life. My followers (on social media) have increased, I was passionate for singing since childhood and I am thankful to Servhub for giving me the spotlight to showcase my talent. Support from family and friends (repeated below, so can be avoided) have increased which encourages me to pursue my interest. Now my goal is to succeed as much as I can, with all the followers and support from my family and friends, my confidence has increased a lot.”

Meet The Runner Up – Sunil

Sunil Gupta – Contestant from Muzaffarpur district, Bihar

Sunil was entitled as the runner up of Servhub Camp Ki Awaz and was rewarded AED 2,000/-

How your life has changed after Servhub Camp ki Awaz?

“I want to say thanks to the whole team of Servhub, becoming the runner up in Servhub Camp ki Awaz has helped me to get recognition & support from my family and friends which gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. After becoming a finalist in Servhub camp ki awaz, it has given me the confidence to look forward. I got invited as a singer in an event happened in Jebel Ali during August, I am also recording devotional songs for a label”

We are glad that through our initiative the deserving talents got the spotlight the deserved. We would like to thank and congratulate both of the winners & other participants


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