How To Get Most Out Of Your Workforce Business
(Be it an Accommodation or Transportation)

Roambee brings out the solutions to your business you can't refuse

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    Realtime Visibility of your Workforce which means you can monitor your team through a screen.
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    Performance Maximization of assets and that your visitor can't get from a competitor.
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    Accurate, timely, meaningful data for decision making( And thus improved profits)

What Exactly is Roambee & How it Can Help It...

Servhub offers a unique solution to keep a track of the labour daily activity.
It consists of 2 parts:

One device is installed on the various places across the work-site(Bee).

Another device is placed inside the helmet of the construction worker(Beacon).

No need to waste time on taking attendance, the beacon
automatically detects and marks the attendance of the

This technology opens many doors for the managers to
optimize the productivity of the workers by having the data on
arrival,dwell & departure time.

By choosing roambee you'll get the following benefits:


​Improved Performance

With the help of the tracking abilities of the product, you will be able to track the asset performance.


​Empowering The Managers

This device will give the accurate, timely & meaningful data which will help the managers to make the right decisions.


​Better Profits

Tracking will help to optimize the profits.


Know More About Roambee

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