Do You Recognize the 3 Warning Signs of High Labor Camp Maintainance Cost?

As a result of COVID- 19 the whole world is suffering from an economic crisis.
The economic crisis has created situations for businesses to cut the corners.


The question that arises for many managers is that “how can we reduce the cost of the operational activities?”


This article talks about the 3 warning signs that should help a labor camp manager to bring down its operational cost especially at this time.


Here is a list of the 3 warning signs of high labor camp maintenance cost that should not go unnoticed by the managers:

High Utility bill

The consumption of electricity, water going unmonitored can potentially increase the overall operational cost of a labor camp. The maintenance staff should regularly monitor the consumption of both.

Also, it should be encouraged to the labor living there to use these resources mindfully and to avoid wasting them.

High Maintenance cost

Damage cost is one of the major factors of the high maintenance cost of a labor camp. The managers should appoint staff who can monitor the damage and prevent it as much as they can in the first place.

Damage cost in many cases leads to the wastage of resources like water thus affect the increase in the utility bill too

Overpriced Third Party Contractor(s)

The labor camp requires cleaning material, sanitary items and other general items on the daily/weekly/monthly basis.

A smarter way to put these costs down is to partner with a labor camp facility management company. A labor camp facility management company gets high-quality products for cheap since the buy in bulk quantities since they manage multiple labor camps.


If you are looking for help to manage the cost of the labor camp operations, you can contact us

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