Spotlight on Al Quoz Industry Area

Al Quoz is the oldest labor camp area in Dubai. It is always in high demand, so finding large quantities of rooms in the same camp can be difficult.  Additionally, Al Quoz is home to some of the highest quality camps in the city.


Here we will detail the positives and downsides of choosing Al Quoz as the location to house your workers;



  1. Well-established area

Al Quoz has been a popular area for accommodating labors for many years. For this reason, the surrounding area has many amenities to cater to the low income of blue-collar workers, including malls, restaurants, currency exchange facilities and internet cafés. The area also has multiple affordable healthcare options.


  1. Accessibility

Al Quoz industrial area is situated in the center of Dubai, with easy access to JBR, the Palm and the Marina area, as well as, Business Bay and Downtown. It is ideally located between 2 of the cities main roads, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. Al Quoz has good public transport links by bus and metro.




  1. Limited Availability

Due to the high demand for rooms here, it can be very difficult to secure a large quantity of rooms in one camp. Al Quoz is better suited to companies looking for a small number of rooms.


  1. Camp Quality

As previously mentioned, this area has some very high-quality camps. Unfortunately, due to the constant demand in the area and the guaranteed tenancies, some of the cities worst camps are also in Al Quoz. As many of the camps in this area are older than those in other industrial areas, the facilities may not be to the same high standard that you could find elsewhere.


  1. Higher Price

Many companies are price conscious and have strict budgets on how much they can pay per person, Al Quoz has a higher price per person due to the demand and limited availability.


If you have any further questions about Al Quoz Industrial area or would like more information about our availability in this area, please call us on 04 368 2909.


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