Spotlight on Dubai Investments Park

Dubai Investments Park (DIP) is a mixed-use development project, containing industrial, business, residential and recreational areas.

DIP is situated less than 10km from the 2020 World Expo site and boasts the capacity to accommodate up to 120,000 workers in the labor camps in the area.

DIP is a relatively new development in Dubai and has the most modern labor accommodation on the market.

We have outlined the pros and cons of securing labor accommodation in DIP;


  1. Accessibility

Similarly, to Jebel Ali, DIP is easily accessible from most of the city’s main motorways, Al Khail Road, Emirates Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. This makes it easy to transport your laborers to your worksite and there is ample parking around the camps.

DIP is a mere 10 kms from the 2020 World Expo Site in Dubai South. Additionally, the industrial area is in the vicinity of Dubai Maktoum Airport and Jebel Ali Port. The extension of the Metro Red Line will include a new station at DIP.

  1. Well-developed Area

The DIP area offers world-class infrastructure and has a multitude of recreational areas. It is considered a premier business and residential area as-well-as having a separate industrial area.

The industrial area is served by public transport and have a diverse range of amenities including supermarkets, shopping centres, medical clinics and mosques.

  1. Modern and Clean

Many of the labor camp accommodation buildings in DIP are well maintained, and they are expected to uphold stricter standards of living as they will be used by the World Expo team.

The camps in DIP contain several modern appliances that are not common place in labor accommodation, including sensor taps in the washrooms.



  1. Price

As DIP is home to up-market labor accommodation options, it automatically comes with a higher price tag. The area is also in high demand due to the World Expo site being so close. As a result of these factors, DIP is the most expensive industrial area in Dubai.

  1. Private Residential Area

Although DIP is well equipped with various amenities, most of the restaurants and recreational facilities will be over-priced for a laborer’s income.

DIP has seven residential areas with villas, townhouses and apartments on offer. Additionally, the area has 4 hotels and the surrounding restaurants and retail outlets are looking to capitalize on tourist spend rather than the low-income workers.




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