Spotlight on Sonapur

Sonapur is the name given to the industrial areas of Al Qusais in Muhaisnah. Muhaisnah is the most populated community in Dubai and is referred to as Sonapur (meaning “Land of Gold” in Urdu/Hindi) by the labor community residing there.

Sonapur is located near the old town of Dubai, many of the labor camps were used to accommodate workers during the development of the Dubai Creek area.

Below, you will find the potential positives and downsides of labor accommodation in Sonapur:



  1. Availability

Sonapur is a well-established labor community with a plentiful supply of accommodation options. However, in recent months demand in this area has risen and with it, so has the monthly cost per person.

  1. Piped Sewage

Sonapur is one of the only industrial areas that has piped sewage at it’s labor accommodation. This will mean it is less expensive as waste water will not need to be collected on a regular basis.

  1. Well-established area

As previously mentioned, Sonapur has been a popular labor camp area for many years. Dubai International Airport and Deira are near the industrial area. This area of the city is home to many of the lower income workers, not just laborers. Shops and restaurants to cater to this market are plentiful, as are affordable healthcare centers.



  1. Accessibility

As the only main road accessible from Sonapur is Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, this makes it difficult to commute to other areas of the city. Sonapur is located on the Dubai/Sharjah border, which experiences extremely heavy traffic on a daily basis. Additionally, traffic within the industrial area is often very heavy causing severe delays.

  1. Camp Quality

Sonapur is one of the older labor areas in the city, which may affect the standard of facilities in the camps here. Many  of the camps are outdated in comparison to the newer options on the market.


What are your deciding factors when choosing a labor accommodation area?


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