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We offer all the blue-collar workforce solution including accommodation, catering, transportation & recruitment give us your details to download the brochure.

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Servhub is dedicated to give you the one stop solution for any of the blue collar workforce management solution.


12,148+ Satisfied Tenants of 127 Companies in last
3 Years trusted us and in return we gave them
clean, spacious ample kitchen area with fully
automated washing machines and designated
prayer room.


At Servhub we understand everyone deserves a
satisfying & nutritious meal at the end of the day
after so much of handwork. Servhub provides
tailored menus for a varied number of labours all
across in Dubai.


The construction business can suffer from huge
losses with each hour workers arriving late due to
inefficient transportation services. We at Servhub
provide transportation facilities to prevent and
minimize these losses.

Labor performance & Attendance solution

We can help you to save time & reduce cost.
Not just that, we can also help your workforce to stay productive.


We do everything from Installing WiFi to Laundry Installation.

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