Efficient Labor Camps with Essential Amenities

Temporary Camps: Adaptable Living Solutions in Saudi Arabia


Rapid Construction of Quality Labor Villages with Essential Amenities

We offer expedited production and construction without compromising quality or safety, a vital factor in our success. We are committed to delivering projects within the shortest possible timeframe. These prefabricated structures are designed to establish a labor village, providing a secure environment for the occupants and encompassing all essential amenities, including air-conditioning, kitchens, and laundry facilities. This approach proves particularly effective given the challenges of accessing remote project sites and the scarcity of suitable permanent infrastructure.

Temporary Camps: Adaptable Living Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Upon the successful completion of the project, the temporary camp is disassembled, and the area is restored to its original state. This adaptable model ensures that laborers have suitable living conditions throughout the project’s lifecycle, maintaining safety and comfort while aligning with the unique logistical and spatial constraints of Saudi Arabia’s project landscape.


Servhub Labor Camps in Saudi Arabia Have Helped Businesses for Many Years

If you own or run a business that is expanding, there’s a good chance you’re facing issues managing its rapid growth. One of these issues is to meet the demands of your growing workforce. If you run a real estate company or hotel business, you must give your staff decent accommodation. It is a crucial aspect and you shouldn’t stifle growing the number of your employees as it will hinder the progress of your business.


  • Pre engineered buildings
  • Flat packs
  • Prefabricated houses (caravan)
  • Military camps
  • Semi permanent buildings
  • Mosques 
  • Container modified cabins
  • Schools
  • Blast resistant cabins
  • Rig camps


  • Turnkey projects for camp construction
  • Turnkey projects for site offices.
  • Long-term rental of camps with facilities.
  • Maintenance of camps & buildings.
  • Rental of prefab units & equipment for events.

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Focusing on helping your employees and providing them with modern facilities is the ideal strategy for you. Servhub offers you a wide range of options with our top-of-the-line staff accommodation in Dubai. We offer accommodation for labor for lease and sales that are not just comfortable for your employees but also cost-effective for you and your company. We provide our customers with enjoyable and relaxing surroundings. Contact us for more information about our accommodation for employees and labor camps in Dubai.

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