#AsktheCEO We asked him What’s The Single Most Important Thing To His Business. Here’s What He Said

We got a chance to exchange a few questions – answers with our CEO Mr Saboor Ahmad in a casual meeting.

One of the questions which were the most interesting amongst all was :

What is the most single most important thing to your business?

He said without having a second thought “My Employees “. He explained to us further: “Today Servhub has more than 11,000 guests stayed in our labour accommodation camps in Jebel Ali & Al Quoz.

More than 140 companies have trusted us to use at least one of our services that is Accommodation, Transportation, Catering & Recruitment. “

This couldn’t have been possible without the constant support of our dedicated team. Each of our Camp Boss & Technician is dedicated to their work and helps us to maintain the quality of our labour accommodations across Jebel Ali & Al Quoz.

How Do We Appreciate The Good Work Of Our Employees?

Saboor Ahmad(CEO) handing over the ‘Employee of The Month’ Certificate.

Currently, We conduct “Employee of The Month” event every month. On this program, all of our staff across all of our labour accommodations in Jebel Ali & Al Quoz gathers for a small get-together.

We hand over the certificates of the “employee of the month” to two of our employees along with the cash incentives. One for the Camp Boss & the other for the technicians.

What is our motivation behind the employee of the month?

One of the most important reasons we conduct employee of the month is that it allows our employees to feel empowered.

What does feeling empowered mean to an employee?

For an employee feeling empowered means he/she can feel confident in the workplace. It helps him to stay productive.

Other than that…

We believe that employee’s hard work and dedication towards the company needs to be acknowledged.

What actually happens on the Employee of the month?

We set a particular day of the month for our employees to gather together. The company hosts a lunch. We also offer a cash incentive with an ’employee of the month certificate’, This not just helps employees for good performance, but it also inspires others to perform more efficiently. Which in returns boosts the morale of the employees.

We also have promoted our consistent performer to a higher job role

Saboor Ahmad

My Conclusion:

Every thriving organisation needs a leader who understands the motivations of their employees & must reward them for their consistent hard work for the company as rightly said by Richard Branson:

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