UAE Golden Jubilee Celebration

“Brilliantly said, life without love is like a broken pencil – pointless.”
On 2 December 2021, the Year of 50 was celebrated and thereby, Servhub rejoiced the United Arab Emirates’ milestone, Golden Jubilee along with the happy nation. At the workers’ accommodation complex in Jebel Ali, balloons, cake and the vibe of revelry shone on this day.

A team of over 450 construction workers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and
managerial employees celebrated the 50 th UAE National Day anniversary by cutting a 1.5 meter-wide cake and music. As the workers waved their country’s flags with extreme pride in their eyes, Servhub added to the festivities with gift distribution.

The same workers who were part of this celebration played a pivotal role in the
construction progress of Expo 2020; and consequently, the whole exhibition a great success.

This exuberant crowd used bricks and stones to make wickets and enjoyed playing cricket on the Jebel Ali site. This whole event was a replica of Servhub’s pride in UAE’s incredible achievements during these five decades of prosperity, peace and unity.

Every one of them rejoiced their opportunities, hard work and felt great pride in their organization and nation, on this occasion.

Memories should not just be remembered, they should be lived thoroughly and more so, celebrated.

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