Benefits of In-house Facilities Management

Labor camp accommodation requires around-the-clock management. With hundreds and often thousands of workers residing in one building, the property can quickly become unhygienic and items can be easily broken due to overuse or misuse.

All labor camps will have some form of Facilities Management (FM) Services, with the quality and the services providing varying between suppliers.

An increasing number of landlords are looking to offer their camps on a management basis rather than sub-leasing, which has been the industry norm. By finding a company to manage their labor camp, it simplifies the running of a camp from the landlord’s perspective. Many landlords are investors who are interested in their Return on Investment (ROI), but not the day-to-day running of the accommodation.

When a company manages a labor camp on behalf of a landlord, the company is responsible for finding suitable tenants, arranging payments, and providing FM services on the property.

Facilities Management Services typically include:

  • DEWA (Water and Electricity)
  • Gas
  • Sewage and wastewater removal
  • AMC Services (Fire, pest control, grease trap cleaning, and water tank cleaning)
  • Garbage disposal
  • Security (Personnel and CCTV)
  • Cleaning (Common areas – washrooms, kitchen, dining room, and corridors)
  • Maintenance (Electrics, plumbing, and general repairs)

2 major benefits of In-House Facilities Management

  1. Accountability

Companies often go through sales agents when seeking labor accommodation but once the deal is down, the agent will consider their role to be complete. This can be an issue if the company does not have any contact details for the facilities management company or companies that are providing the services. Sales agents are not responsible to issues that arise after the deal is closed, which can lead to communication problems and delays in dealing with repairs, etc.

By dealing with a company that both provides labor accommodation and on-site FM services, it eliminates this challenge. The sales agent will provide the contact details for the operations team to ensure smooth communication between the client and the FM team.

  1. Problem-solving

The day-to-day management of a labor camp does not pass by with challenges to overcome. These issues can vary from fighting between residents, intentional or accidental damage to the property, water leaks, sewage problems, intoxicated residences, and illness breakouts.

By working with an on-site FM team, these challenges can be easily overcome as there is always a person available to handle the situation. Cleaners are readily available to deal with emergency situations. Camp supervisors will have the contact details of the company electrician or plumber who will be able to quickly deploy to the affected camp.

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