How to Increase Productivity for Your Construction Business?

Dubai has been witnessing a lot of construction from the past 2 years because of the Expo 2020 wave. As the Expo 2020 is approaching the construction companies are required to finish their project before it takes place.

At Servhub, we don’t just offer B2B solutions but we are perceived as the productivity experts by many of the clients. Here are a few tips for construction companies to finish their projects on time.

Take good care of your workforce

This is perhaps one of the obvious and cliche one but sometimes we overlook the basic things.

Over our experience in this industry, we have come to realize that if the workers are well-rested, well taken care of, get their food on time then they are more likely to stay productive on the site.

It is recommended that to have workforce accommodation within 20km of construction site.

A study has revealed that Dubai residents spent an average of 80 hours of 2018 stuck in traffic jams.

Reducing this time is possible if you accommodate your workforce near the construction site.

This will also give some extra time for your construction workers to get some extra time for themselves as well.

In case you have your construction site near Jebel Ali, Al Quoz, Sonapur or DIP visit our property page and feel free to reach us out.

Save time on non-productive activities

On average it takes 45 minutes to take the attendance of 500 labourers twice a day, which means 15 hours a month and 180 hours a day.

Imagine the kind of money you can save by gaining these hours back.

This is why we are providing an attendance solution for workforce productivity to the construction.

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