3 Tips for choosing your Labour Camp Location

When it comes to choosing a labour camp for your staff, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options currently available in the Dubai market. As labour accommodation demand continues to increase, so are the number of new camps being handed over, increasing the choice in the market. Ensuring that you get to make the right location choice is essential to your bottom line, productivity and the health and happiness of your workforce. There are three key points to consider when looking for an ideal camp location;


How will you get your workforce from their accommodation to their workplace? Do you plan on having your labourers accommodated in one area or different areas around the city? Buses transporting blue-collar workers are common place on Dubai roads, but rush hour traffic can cause serious delays. The Roadway, Transportation and Traffic Safety Research Centre (RTTSRC) stated the UAE suffers about 10,000 crashes annually, so having your labour workforce accommodation close to their place of work can be time-saving. Also, be aware of any event or entertainment sites near labour camps, as large-scale events can have major consequences on traffic flow. Hence, a smooth Labour transport service is a major factor to keep in mind before choosing your labour accommodation in Dubai.

Nearby Facilities

We all enjoy some downtime and blue-collar workers are no different.  Having facilities nearby, such as supermarkets, parks and bus stops will increase employee morale, as they are not confined within the camp walls. Depending on the area you choose, some camps will be able to access the Dubai metro and shopping malls. It is also a legal requirement for camps to have a medical room and prayer room on-site. So look for a camp with a good facility management for the blue-collars.

New Camp or old?

New labour camps are constantly being handed over as the demand for labour accommodation continues to rise. New camps have many benefits such as modern layouts and equipped with new fixtures and fittings. However, with all new properties, there can be teething problems so be sure to check the gas, water and A/C services are all working correctly before making your workforce move in. Additionally, if a camp is newly built, it is likely that there will be ongoing construction nearby. This can lead to an increase in the amount of dirt and dust that accumulates in your camp and as a result, can significantly increase your cleaning costs.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting the main areas offering labour accommodation in Jebel Ali, Al Quoz, Sonapur and DIP.

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