Meet the Winner of “1 Week of Trip To Home country”

Muhammad Amir Sohail 25 years old from Sialkot, Pakistan working as a camp boss in Servhub, won a week paid vacation. He went on a company paid additional vacation for his excellent dedication to his work. At the monthly meeting of the camp bosses and operations team, it was announced that he won a paid trip to Pakistan (his home country).

The Idea behind a Week Vacation

The operation manager Mr. Prashant Shetye told us that the idea of one week vacation was not disclosed to the staff prior to its announcement, he further added “giving the idea of this 1-week vacation prior would have taken the fun and excitement out of it”.

Few words from the ‘Vacation Winner’

We spoke with Amir today about his experience here, and this is what he said, “I am very happy to win a trip to my home country Pakistan, paid by the company. I am delighted that I got a chance to spend some time with my family & I enjoyed my vacations. I am very grateful that I work for Servhub, Not many companies think about their employees as our company does.”

CEO’s Opinion about the ‘1 Week of Vacation’

Lastly, we had a word with our CEO, Mr.Saboor Ahmad, to take his opinion on additional annual vacations. He said, “We are thankful to all of our staff who takes care of our labour camps 24/7. As a result of their sheer hard work and commitment to the company, we get these emails from our clients thanking us for taking care of any issue if it arrives in the camp.”

He further added, “I’m a big believer of a win-win situation, be it with our client, business partners, and employees. I’m sure that this initiative not will just keep our team stays motivated but it will also, give an opportunity to our employees to spend additional time with their families back in their home countries.”

Another good news coming from the company’s HR department is, there is going to be a winner for “Vacations to Home-country” every 6 months which means that the next winner will be announced in August based on their dedication and commitment to their work.

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