REVEALED: Should you hire someone to manage your Labour Camp?

Labor Camp management is a very logistically heavy process, It includes lots of pieces to be taken care of. This process includes the headache of keeping the track of day to day servicing costs. Managing with multiple vendors and eventually seeing your workforce unhappy.

Seeing your workforce unhappy after spending a huge amount might lead you to ask yourself, what if there’s a better, efficient & cost-effective way to manage my asset?

Now, this is the place where a facility manager comes in the picture. Below are the details of having a good facility management company on your side

This article will tell you the importance of hiring someone to manage your labor camp which will help you to get the answer to the question should you hire someone to manage your labor camp?

They will reduce the maintenance cost: A good facility management company will be an experienced player in the market which means that they already are having enough of clients in the market that they can get things at a discounted price because they have to buy it in the bulk. Which means the lesser overhead cost to maintain your asset.

Proper control of training & certification: A good facility management company will take care of getting the necessary certifications for the staff like fire fighting, medical, etc. to maintain the good reputation of your camp thus an even better reputation for your brand.

They will remove the load from the company: Having your department go through the day-to-day activities often takes a toll on the mental bandwidth of the department.

They will increase the quality of services: A good facility management company will not just assist you to reduce the maintenance cost but at the same time, they will make sure that the quality of the goods/services is not compromised.

How Can Servhub Help Your Company With Facilities Management?

We have an experienced team of facility management that specializes in Labor camps, here is the value we can add:

Help you save cost on day to day overhead expenses (without compromising on the good’s quality):

We have vendors who provide us things at a lesser price because we purchase from them in bulk quantity.

We can provide end to end management of services:

Including payment & management of utility bills, hiring specialized vendors for services such as firefighting, lifts, gas system, pest control, water tank cleaning and grease trap, complete maintenance, cleaning and security services to help you cut the additional cost & makes the operational process of your asset more efficient.

We can do a utility audit:

We can help you by doing a utility audit in your camp to bring down the costs of utility bills down.

International Workers Accommodation Standards:

Our team will ensure compliance with international workers accommodation standards as well as standards prescribed by the regulatory authorities in UAE.

Dedicated Customer Management:

Dedicated customer service & complaints management solutions On-site technical teams to ensure smooth operations.

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