What to look for when choosing a Labour Accommodation?

Labour Accommodation in Dubai is key to supporting the growing infrastructure in the city. This type of accommodation is designed to provide affordable, quality accommodation that is managed and operated to high standards. These labour camps are located throughout Dubai and are heavily regulated by the government.

Camps have the capacity to house both unskilled workers and supervisors and provide a modern, comfortable and safe environment to accommodate your workforce. However, they represent a major expense for many industries that are heavily reliant on manual workers. Therefore, it is important to research the potential options that will suit your requirements and budget.

You have decided to go for the best labour accommodation in Dubai for your workforce, now you need to find the right camp that meets your needs. The labour camp market is littered with hundreds of camp of various sizes and standards, making it difficult to find suitable options.

With strict corporate budgets, the price will always be a key influencer when choosing labour accommodation. However, there are several questions you need to ask to ensure you are finding the right fit, including;

Does it adhere to Health & Safety regulations?

Rules and regulations change frequently in the UAE, therefore it is important to work with a reputable company that will keep you informed about changes to legislation. Both landlords and clients can receive hefted fines if they are found to be breaching labour accommodation laws.

Room capacity is a regulation that is often abused, with companies wanting to reduce their overheads by adding extra beds into a room. According to the law, each room used for sleeping purposes must contain at least 3 m² of floor space/living space for each occupant.

Quantity of rooms and capacity

Before contacting labour camp suppliers, it is important that you have a clear understanding of your company’s needs. Do you require a full camp, not to property shared with workers from other companies? An entire floor of a building reserved for your staff only? Or specific number room?

All rooms must provide enough beds for all the occupants, with storage facilities, such as wall lockers, for clothing and personal items. Beds cannot be shared by workers who work day and night shifts. Triple-deck bunks or greater are strictly prohibited and rooms should have a maximum capacity of 10 persons. It is possible to get both furnished and unfurnished rooms, be sure to check if the furniture is provided before closing the deal.

Facilities on offer

The facilities offered by landlords varies greatly between camps. Some camps offer complimentary facilities, while others charge an additional premium.

The basic facilities that should be provided include air conditioning, gas, and an adequate supply of drinking water. Additional facilities that are often provided include water coolers, Wi-Fi, 24/7 Security and CCTV.

Recreation facilities should be available including areas for outdoor activities such as cricket, football and indoor areas where workers can read books and magazines. Television area must also be provided along with DVD players where workers can relax either watching television or films.

Facilities Management Company

Does the camp provide facility management services too? It is important to establish who will be responsible for the additional fees for services including grease trap cleaning, water tank cleaning, sewage and maintenance, pest control, and cleaning of common areas and washrooms.

It is important to check with your sales agent if this fee is included in your monthly rent or if they will be charged separately.


Labour camps are often located in the build-up industrial areas with limited parking. This can be an issue if you provide your own transport for your workers and need to park a bus outside the camp.

Choosing a camp that is in close proximity to your workplace can greatly reduce costs. In some areas, it is possible for workers to walk from their accommodation to their workplace. However, this is not always feasible so opting for a camp with easy access to main roads will reduce travel time and associated costs.

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