Smart Idol: A Memorable Evening with Talented Blue Collar Friends

We were invited to Smart Idol 2019 as an event sponsor at Shiekh Rashid Auditorium on 26th April 2019. It was a singing & dancing talent search show conducted for blue-collar friends to find out their real &hidden talent. This event is hosted by an NGO called Smart Life Foundation. Smart Life Foundation is serving the blue-collar employees of Dubai since 2009.

About the event

This event was basically a Finale of Smart Idol 2019. Across the 30 Labor Camps in Dubai, few Contestants were selected to perform, and try happily to try their luck. The Event was undoubtedly very well managed, engaging & entertaining. Contestants from different nationalities including India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Nepal & African countries participated and as an audience, and we witnessed a truly broad spectrum of talent.

The most impressive part

The most impressive part of the show was ‘Smart Band Performance.’ Although the complete event was an eye-catcher. Many things are there which will stay in our memories for a long time. One of them is the performance by Smart Band – A team of former Smart Idol Winners/Runner ups.

Another thing which we would like to mention is that every participant’s performance was flabbergasting looking at the fact that the contestants prepared themselves in just a couple of weeks with their regular jobs.

Meet The Winners

MD Shahid Ansari, an Electrician won the Smart Idol 2019 Singer Category. NimalkaSandarenu won the Smart Idol 2019 Dancer Category.

We Are Proud

We are happy & proud to be a part of Smart Idol 2019. This was not just merely a talent hunt show but a platform for the betterment of the blue-collar employees in Dubai. We take pride in supporting our competent blue-collar brothers & sisters who dare to work towards their dreams.

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