Overcoming Labour Shortages

Many contractors in the Middle East are currently struggling to source sufficient talent to meet their project requirements.

According to Marcus Taylor of Taylor Sterling Associates, a consultancy firm that specializes in recruitment in construction and engineering, a lack of workforce planning is resulting in many projects and schedules going off track. In an interview with Construction Week, Taylor stated that the difficulty is not limited to the ability to quickly deploy a large workforce, but also the lack of semi-skilled workers in the talent pool.

Taylor projected that in 2018 the challenge of workforce planning will be outsourced to avoid hold ups in development and shortages in the required manpower and skillset. Companies are increasingly looking to develop recruitment partnerships with specialists as the landscape of the recruitment and employee retention continues to change.

The challenge of attracting and retaining employees is compounded by the unrelenting demand for foreign workers in the region. Failing oil prices and constant changes in recruitment regulations has not slowed down the pursuit of international talent.

Additionally, the industry is currently facing a major issue with the change in demands from employees, educations levels have increased significantly in recent years and with that, the expectations of the workforce have also shifted.

In order to attract and retain skilled and semi-skilled workers, companies need to invest in their training facilities and improve their reputation in the industry. Retention is becoming an essential component to the success of any organization, with development and welfare becoming leading motivators when employees are considering whether to stay with an employer.

Outsourcing recruitment to specialists will lead to improvements for companies and the region’s construction industry in general, through professionalism, consistency and accountability. It will also result in better services to clients, a reduction in risk and improved efficiency and performance.

In the coming years, the struggle to secure talent will become more prevalent. The need for well-planned recruitment will be a key factor in attracting and retaining valued workers and enabling continuous development in the ever-changing market.

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