Our Learning from Managing The Blue Collar Accommodations In UAE

One of the things which are admire-worthy about the construction leaders both regionally and globally are how efficiently they have managed their construction products.

There’s no secret that these leading construction companies have set higher standards for the rest of the world through the beautiful and magnificent architecture they have built.

Our core learning while working with some of these companies so far has been to make labour welfare the number 1 priority.

As explained with our service partner Mr. Moul Kumar Singh, Innovations Group that, “In the construction world, one of the biggest assets is a happy workforce, they are the one who brings our vision to reality.”

This is why we at Servhub are focused more & more to serve the blue-collar staff managed by us from both the humanitarian and business angle.

Not compromising on the services needed for the smoother operations of labour camp mean a happy and productive staff.

Here’s another of our core learning while working with the property owners are:

“A well-maintained camp is an asset that will appreciate over time while the labour camps which are not well maintained will depreciate over time & could possibly become a liability to its stakeholder.”

This learning has led more us to evolve into a resourceful entity to create win-win situations both for the asset owner (i.e. the asset we manage) and for the guests living there.

“We help our clients with our expertise to bring in the specialized human resources to maintain the asset and to cut the overhead operational cost through our years of experience in this market.

With the right vendors that can provide us high-quality material needed at a lower price, resulting in the lesser operational cost for the asset owner creating a win-win situation for the asset owner and the guest living in it.”

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