Monitoring the Safety Aspects for the Blue-Collar Workforce During Covid-19 

There was a time, where everywhere elevators used to be blocked by a bunch of people, repeatedly touched the door with hands, eat together, and fingerprints were all visible whether at the window, door, table or anywhere. That’s surely a gone phase, blame covid. As Corona cases continue to rise sharply in Dubai, the respective government officials are taking huge and mandatory steps to enforce hygiene, lockdown, night curfews, market shutdowns and more various measures.

At ServHub, we are dedicated to put major efforts to shield the blue-collar workforce with covid safety protocols to the maximum. In these unprecedented times, the top priority remains the health and safety of our blue-collar workforce, and we also have a responsibility to support our people during this difficult time by giving them utmost care and safety, at the same time staying away from any virus.

Thermal Scanning

To continue the push, ServHub ensures thermal scanning of the labourers and employees. The moment labourers exit the camp for work, and the time they return from the worksite, incharge at ServHub makes sure to note the thermal temperature, as to get notice of anyone with higher temperature, so that necessary precautions could be taken at the right time. Also, the temperature of employees at ServHub too is monitored on a regular basis.

Enforcing Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an end to the old lives and we invented a ‘new normal’. Under this new way of living, we ensure soil distancing at any cost. We make sure to make our labourers follow distancing protocols while off to work or eating meals. Social distancing at the camps is being closely watched as these measures may help avoid COVID-19 surges.


In addition to distributing masks to our employees and to the labourers, we encourage them to wear masks to defeat covid-19 and to keep the environment safe.


Hygiene is one thing we never skip, while during food preparation, inside the camps, at the sleeping area, etc. New-age sanitization is evolved and ServHub works on the same league. Excess cleanliness and regular sanitization are enforced. Adapting it on a regular basis is forced and implemented, both at the camps and in the workplace.


Awareness is the key point to make people know the dos and don’ts during the covid time. ServHub actively spread the safe words amongst the labourers and employees, this is the best thing to be done, in such an uncertain time. There are enormous effective ways to tackle this virus. Staying safe and adapting to the new normal is the need of the hour, and ServHub is dedicated to keeping the blue-collar workforce safe by strict protocols and mandatory measures.

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